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A First-time Client’s Guide to Escort Booking Etiquette

I am my very best self when I feel safe, secure, and respected. I am sharing my joy of physical pleasure and intimacy with you, and the best way that you can honour this and therefore experience the very best version of me is to read, understand, and fully respect the following. If I am not confident of this at any point I reserve the right to decline to make a booking. For full details, always check my AdultWork profile.

  • Please do not attempt to haggle or barter a lower price; it is deeply disrespectful and nothing kills the mood quite like it! I have carefully considered my rates and am sure of my worth. I may not be able to proceed with any enquiries where attempts are made to haggle or negotiate rates. More information here.

  • For my safety and security and yours, bookings are preferred via my AdultWork profile.

  • I have some non-negotiable hard limits, and these are all listed on my AdultWork profile.

  • For bookings made directly or via other channels I do carry out some screening. This is for my safety and security, and I know that those of you who are genuine will understand this.

  • Hygiene and health are extremely important to me! I am clean, exceptionally well-groomed, Covid-19 vaccinated, and safe. I ask that you are the same.

  • Payment is exchanged at the beginning of our time together so we can concentrate fully on our pleasure.


More important information, including full T&Cs, my availability and rates,

can be found in my AdultWork profile.

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